Gel Removal Instructions

Items needed:

10x small squares of kitchen foil (or foils with attached pads)

3x cotton wool pads

Pure acetone

Orange stick

Nail file suitable for natural nails e.g. 240 grit (not a nail buffer)


Please read through full instructions before starting. Be careful when using acetone as it can mark furniture and soft furnishings. Don’t leave acetone anywhere in reach of children

  • Cut each cotton wool pad into 4 (not needed if using the foils with attached pads)

  • File over the colour on all nails to remove shine and break the seal of the top coat

  • Working one finger at a time, soak the ¼ cotton wool pad with acetone and place over nail, ensuring whole nail is covered

  • Wrap finger in foil square so its fully enclosed

  • Leave for 15 mins – set a timer as acetone will evaporate if left too long and the gel can re-harden

  • Working one finger at a time, remove the foil wrap and cotton pad and gently push gel off nail downwards using the orange stick (be careful not to scrape into your nail which can cause damage). The gel polish should be dry and flaky

  • If the gel is not easily pushing off nail, file over the gel again, apply more acetone to a pad, re-wrap and leave for another 5-10 mins

  • Once gel is removed, apply a generous amount of cuticle oil over whole nail and surrounding skin

  • Continue to use cuticle oil twice a day and ideally a hand moisturiser daily, to keep skin and nails hydrated and healthy